there1 W1S1 [ðeə, ðə US ðer, ðər] pron
there is/exists/remains etc
used to say that something exists or happens
Is there any milk left?
There are a few things we need to discuss.
There must be easier ways of doing this.
There seems to be a lack of communication.
There remain several questions still to be answered.
Suddenly there was a loud explosion.
They were all laughing when there came a knock at the door.
Use there is/are to say that something exists or happens : There was an argument. | Is there any more bread? |There is one thing I'd like to ask you (NOT Is one thing ...).
When the following noun is plural, use there are/were : There are a lot of problems (NOT there is a lot of problems) with this theory. | Were there many people at the meeting?
!! Expressions like a lot of and plenty of can be used with uncountable nouns. In this case use there is/was : There is a lot of traffic in the mornings.
!! There and their sound the same, but do not confuse them. There is used in expressions such as 'there is/was', and for referring to a place. Their is used for showing that something belongs to a group of people, animals etc : They love their jobs.
there 2
there2 W1S1 [ðeə US ðer] adv
[: Old English; Origin: thAr]
1.) in or to a particular place that is not where you are
We could go back to my cottage and have lunch there.
Scotland? I've always wanted to go there.
Hold it right there and don't move.
Can you pass me that wine glass there?
Look, there's that bookshop I was telling you about.
Who's that man over there ?
It's too far to drive there and back in one day.
Are we going to get there (=arrive) before the banks close?
out/in/under etc there
I know there's a mouse under there somewhere.
We flew to Miami and from there to La Paz.
see usage noteposition1
2.) if something is there, it exists
The chance was there, but I didn't take it.
The countryside is there for everyone to enjoy.
Three months after the operation, the pain was still there.
3.) at or to a particular point in time, in a process, or in a story
Let's stop there and I'll tell you the rest of the story tomorrow.
She got a divorce, but her troubles didn't end there.
There's still a lot of work to do, but we're getting there (=coming to the end of the process) slowly.
4.) there and then also then and there
I thought I'd have to wait, but they offered me the job there and then.
5.) spoken used to refer to something that someone has said when you are answering them
That's true. I agree with you there.
'Why did the system fail?' 'Well, there you've got me - I really don't know.'
6.) spoken used when greeting someone or calling to them
Hi there, you must be Laura.
Hey, you there! Watch out!
7.) spoken there it is/there they are etc
used when you have found something or someone that you are looking for
Have you seen my keys anywhere? Ah, there they are.
There you are. I've been looking for you.
8.) spoken used when you want to speak to someone on the telephone and someone else answers
Hello, Georgie, is your mother there?
9.) spoken be there (for sb)
to be always ready to help someone when they need help
That's what I loved about my father - he was always there for me.
10.) spoken there I was/there they were etc
used to describe what situation someone was in at a particular point in the story you are telling
So there I was, stranded in London with no money.
11.) spoken be not all there informal
someone who is not all there seems stupid or slightly crazy
12.) spoken there's a good boy/clever dog etc
used to praise a child or animal
13.) spoken there it is/there you are/there you go
used to say that nothing can be done to change an unsatisfactory situation
It's all very sad, but there it is. There's absolutely nothing any of us can do about it.
14.) spoken there you go/she goes etc (again)
used when someone does something annoying that they often do
There you go, blaming everything on me, as usual.
There she goes again, complaining about the weather.
15.) spoken there you are/there you go
a) used when giving something to someone or when you have done something for someone
There you are. I'll just wrap it up for you.
b) used when you think you have proved to someone that what you are telling them is right
There you are, then. There's nothing to worry about.
16.) spoken there's sth for you
a) used to say that an action or situation is a good example of a particular quality
There's intelligence for you! She's solved the problem already.
b) used when you are annoyed or disappointed to say that someone's behaviour is the opposite of the quality you are naming
Well, there's gratitude for you. She didn't even say thank you.
17.) spoken there goes sth/sb
a) used when you see someone or something going past or away from you
There goes a very worried man.
b) used to say that you can hear something such as a bell ringing
There goes the phone. I'll answer it.
c) used when you are losing something, for example an opportunity or money, as a result of something that has just happened
There go our chances of winning the championship.
There goes my career.
HINT sense 1
Do not say 'to there': We went there (NOT went to there) by car.
there 3
there3 [ðeə US ðer] interjection
1.) spoken used to express satisfaction that you have been proved right or that you have done what you intended to do
There! I've done it! I've resigned.
There, what did I tell you? I knew it wouldn't work.
2.) there, there!
spoken used to comfort someone who is crying, especially a child
There, there, don't get so upset!
3.) so there!
spoken used to show someone that you do not care what they think and you are not going to change your mind - used by children
I'm going to Elly's party, and you can't stop me, so there!

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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